SRO 2017 – 2018 Series

Aug 26-Sept 17

Casa de Fruta y Pan by Meg Griffiths

Meg Griffiths is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography/Area Head at Washington and Lee University. Her photographs deal with domestic, economic, and cultural relationships in diverse locations in the Southern United States and Cuba.


Sept 19-Oct 15

Like Panes of Glass by Libby Rowe

Libby Rowe is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Like Panes of Glass explores the memorial construct of the modern family as an ideal and a reality.


Oct 18-Nov 12

T01_[Z.32.45.37] – T04_[UN.1-7] by Yuxiang Dong

Yuxiang Dong focuses on the archive. His work comprises various videos, photographic reproductions, scrapbooks, and objects to analyze a period of history depicted by countless images and investigate how the idiosyncrasies of archive material can trigger understandings of history in the postInternet screen culture.


Nov 14-Dec 16

My Paris by Peter Glendinning

Peter Glendinning is a Professor in the Department of Art at Michigan State University. His work is a series of portraits from an apartment in Marais, consisting of unique SX-70 Impossible film images.


Jan 18-Feb 18

Finding Mississippi by Betty Press

Betty Press focuses on recording “real life” in small communities throughout Mississippi with black and white film. Her project is partially funded with a 2013 Visual Artist Fellowship Grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission.


Feb 21-March 25

Project Barbatype by Scott Hilton & Bryan Wing

Scott Hilton and Bryan Wing focus on the historical tintype/facial hair connection. They use tintype photographic printing to reflect the carnivalesque absurdity proudly on display at beard competitions.


March 28-April 22

Label Green by Min Kim Park

Min Kim Park is an Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts (Photography) at the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts at Purdue University. He work investigates the notion of the millennium feminist artistic practice from the perspective of an Asian Immigrant artist with a journalist background. 


April 25-May 19

Stephen Marc

Stephen Marc is a Professor of Art at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University. His current documentary work is an ongoing project to create an extensive photographic interpretation of American identity and sense of place.

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